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NetSuite Training

NetSuite Training

You’ve had your NetSuite go-live, congratulations! That is a huge step toward being as technologically optimized as possible. But one of the areas Black Forge Consulting (BFC) sees many companies struggle is with user adoption and rushed implementations.

Different implementation models and cost-cutting often time led to less time spent with end-users. With NetSuite personalized training sessions, BFC aims to come up with the best solution for every business operation. Whether you have new hires and are looking for a playbook or are career NetSuite users looking for the latest thing, let BFC carry you and your team to premier training.

Backed by strategies adopted by private institutions, BFC is equipped with the best teachers giving you access to cutting-edge ways that help your users learn the best. The best part is that our training comes in all different shapes and forms. We promise to cater to your needs. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

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