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NetSuite Assessment

What is a NetSuite assessment?

A NetSuite assessment is a deep dive into your existing NetSuite account. Whether your system was just implemented or has been live for years, this type of evaluation is the best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of NetSuite.

Why should my company have one done?

A NetSuite assessment will serve as the baseline of your current system and any decision going forward.

Unfortunately, not all companies that implement NetSuite are advised on best practices—and this often leads to complications post-launch. If you were left with outstanding questions or think there is more you can be doing with NetSuite, an assessment can help answer your questions.

Pro tip: If you’re using the location segment and you don’t have inventory, we should talk.

How do these assessments work?

With Black Forge Consulting (BFC) on board, our team will begin with a review of your NetSuite account and overall goals. With a proven track record of meeting and exceeding goals, BFC’s guarantee is that you will be left with a strategy outlining how much juice is left to squeeze out of your system and most importantly, where and how to do this.  

Our team of fully certified consultants is available to work onsite or remotely depending on your preferences. Best of all, our work does not start after the assessment. During our review, we will share our insights and recommendations along the way. We promise to leave you with strong assurances and the right framework to move forward.

When should my company plan for an assessment?

Typically, a NetSuite assessment takes place following an implementation. The goal of the assessment is to identify and prioritize possible technology solutions. Often, firms do not have the capabilities to perform this type of assessment, which is why you can rely on BFC to do this for you.

Aside from coming in following an implementation, BFC is also available to begin an assessment during implementation to ensure you’re on the right path. Our team knows from experience that sometimes waiting for the implementation to be complete could lead to less reconciliation.

If you are questioning whether you are on the right path, it’s best to reach out to us and set up a revival of your project.

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