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NetSuite Technical Development

NetSuite Technical Development

Black Forge Consulting (BFC) offers premier NetSuite consulting when it comes to NetSuite Java Script updates as well as integration assistance. At BFC, our functional and technical developers work together to ensure that you are getting a solution that produces your desired outcome and makes sense functionally, ensuring your best interests.

Our functional and technical consultants will work with you to develop a Technical Requirements Document (TRD) that will be used as the basis for any development work. Once the TRD is signed and approved, all development work will begin in your Sandbox account. Following a similar model that we use for implementations, we will go through rounds of testing, training, and vetting to ensure the solution will work in all facets of your business.

Often, we do not recommend using a scripted solution for a variety of reasons. At BFC, we believe in transparency above all else and will always give you the best recommendation for your business. If an advancement can be made to a workflow or some other standard functionality, BFC will walk you through it. Our goal is to have you not be dependent upon us to update your script every time NetSuite comes out with a new update or if something changes with your setup. However, if customization cannot be avoided, we want BFC to be your first choice in providing you with the best solution. Contact us today to learn more.

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